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Apart from general texts, I mostly work in the fields of economics and social sciences, particularly sociology, political sciences and demographics. I study each request carefully before accepting it and I involve my clients in my work, particularly with questions and comments. I use a five-step method which focuses on comprehension and writing quality.

► Active reading

I research the document’s author, its readers, where and when it was published and its context. I read the source text from beginning to end to identify the underlying message and detect any technical or terminological issues that require research.

► Documentary research

Documentary research gives a greater insight into the subject in question. I primarily use scientific journals but feel free to provide documents if you feel they are relevant. Sometimes it is necessary to contact an expert in the field, and if possible, the author of the text.

► Terminological research

Terminological research aims to find equivalent technical terms in the source and target languages. For terms which are specific to a country, a language or a culture, I may work with a translator whose native language corresponds to the source text. I use their input to determine the most appropriate terms for the context. If there is no established equivalent, I explain my choice of terms in a note.

► Writing

At this stage, any technical or terminological issues in the text have been identified and resolved. The text is written so as to be perfectly idiomatic, as if it had been written directly in French. The translation may deviate from the words, but the meaning is the same.

► Re-reading

The first time I re-read I do it aloud, which allows me to improve the fluency of the text without changing its content. The second time, I eliminate any typographical errors or spelling mistakes.

In order to ensure the high quality of my translations, I only work into French, which is my native language. If you need a translation from French into another language, I can put you in touch with colleagues in whom I have total confidence.

I also invite you to read Translation: Getting it Right, A Guide to Buying Translations.

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